Spy Audio Devices in Gurgaon

7 Aug

Some Different Types of the Audio Devices offer by Spy India

Some devices can do surprised for faded hearing. But we have latest  Spy Audio devices in Gurgaon can help clear hearing .This Spy audio technology new options to help people converse (Spying)  at a noisy restaurant, or talk quietly with a pharmacist at a crowded drugstore counter and also. Now a day latest and branded audio devices available in the market for surveillance. Some these models are wireless audio transmitter, Pane Drive Shape GSM Bag, voice changer audio devices, walky talky watches.

Wireless Audio Transmitter: 

BRANDED-WIRELESS-AUDIO-TRANSMITTERA wireless audio transmitter is basically used to carry sound between an audio device and a nearby radio receiver. This Audio Transmitter specifically follow the process of  frequency modulation, which is a unique form of sound transmission where audio strength can be altered to accommodate varying frequencies even when signals are low. A wireless audio transmitter is wirelessly connected to a separate device in order to broadcast sound through wireless headphones or other speakers.

Pen Drive Shape GSM Bag:

PEN-DRIVE-SHAPE-GSM-BUG2These audio devices like a pen-drive and have an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can be charged easily using a USB port. This is compatible with GSM SIM cards. Also, one can avail this range from us at affordable prices.  This Pen Drive Shape GSM Bag is Insert a GSM SIM card to the device and then dial the numbers after which the product will automatically start in listening mode it will stop when the phone hangs up.

Spy GSM Voice Bug:

NEW-SPY-GSM-VOICE-BUGSpy GSM Voice Bug is the newly launched spy listening device, you can listen the sound around you as long as it arrive to 60 DB, it calls you from anywhere in the world when it detects sounds around its area. Moreover, it has electric quantity inquiry and call back interval setting function, which is totally controlled by the SMS.  If the surrounding voice is more than 60db, the monitor will automatically remind you that there are people around the monitor and they are talking, you can choose to listen or call back to monitor.


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