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Cheating Playing Cards

5 Oct

Spy Product - India Delhi

What is Spy Playing Cards ?

The new Spy Playing Cards is a cheating device that can help you in every way to win a game. It is not a matter of luck for you now to win a game of poker with the help of spy playing cards. You can easily win a losing game. This gadget is designed with advanced technology which can change your luck and allows you to win a losing game. It helps you spy on your opponent’s playing cards to win that game.

spy playing cardsSome of the features of this device are as follow:

  • It is a device that can support all playing card games such as poker, flash etc. This device includes a hidden earpiece to gather information about the number, color and suit of the opponent’s card.
  • We also provide multi-brand cell phone batteries to protect your devices form sudden power failure…

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Best Spy Products in Delhi

11 Sep

Spy Products – The 4Most Popular Spy Equipments People Buy Like Crazy

Now a days there are various types of  spy products available in the Delhi’s Market. However not all of them are given good response or not familiar with the price. So it is important to do some research before making a spy product purchase. Here I am trying to give you 4 most popular spy products available to the customer.

Mobile Phone Voice Changer

The Mobile Phone Voice Changer is a useful device to disguise yourself as you talk on the mobile phone. The installation process of this cell phone voice changer is so easy, this device plugs into your mobile phone just like any other headphone, and simply click the device on, after this you can disguise your sound in 4 different forms.

Spy Cameras

Spy Camera is one of the most common types of the spy equipments. The size of this    camera is so tiny that can be setup in your office, home to monitor your children or any other member. The wireless version of spy cameras is generally preferable that are so easy to disguise.

Digital Voice Recorders

Digital Voice Recorders are most important traditional gadgets for records conversions. This type of the Digital Voice recorder camera can store much more information, they can easily transform the audio files into a computer and converted to text documents and hidden messages.

GPS Tracking Products

GPS Tracking products are a best way to keep information on where concern people are traveling. For example, you want to know where the ex of your spouse lives, you can watch if your spouse ever travels to that particular  location, or you can follow what your child do and what they do not want to tell you. The setup of these products is so easy and you can easily install.

Best Spy Camera in Gurgaon

7 Sep


Spy Camera: One of the Most Useful Security Equipments

Spy Cameras are becoming increasingly famous in present time. At this time, spy camera has become very compulsory to protect homes. Some magazines and website give the best response after reviews the Spy Camera.

Best Spy Cameras are a wireless spy camera that allows you to keep a concentration on what is happening when you are not there. As daily life’s activity gets so busy and it’s not possible to see all activity and you may missed something at your home. Hidden Security cameras play an important role in our daily routines. Whether it be your home, office etc will help your surveillance.

The Spy Hidden Cameras come in all shape and size, which have a lot of features that allow you to gather all the activity performing by someone. Spy camera will be more effective what it will be placed in ordinary place like a mirror on the wall. Now it is the time to invest in security for your home. You do not wait for something to happen.

Spy Mobile Phone Software in Gurgaon

4 Sep


Spy Mobile Phone Software – Legally See What Your Partner Is Doing

The spy mobile phone softwares are  the latest version of the Smartphones spying device which anyone can use to track their kids, employee or other family member. To start the recording, firstly you would have to install the program to your mobile phone. After installation of this program you will able to find all the details, recorded activities, and track the activity performs by the users of the mobile phone.

These incredible spying software works without any dependable concern. The spy mobile phone software in Gurgaon can help you track any one without considering  distance and locations. You can also use it to spy on your children, husband, wife, girlfriend, spouse and employees.  Some companies give mobile phone to their employees for office uses, but many employees try to make  these mobile phones to personal use. If you are employed and  this is happening with you, then you can use this Mobile spy software  to track all the activities of your employees. This device  will give you all detailed information related to the messages, phone calls (incoming/outgoing)  and several other important  details of activities carried out on the mobile phone. With the Spy software , your mobile phone just like your PC can also become a backup for restoring  tabs on the people you are trying to track. All the important messages and conversations can also be recorded  by spy mobile device..

Now a days there are many more spy software  in the market, but we have a latest spy phone software for  spy someone. If you are wanting a spy personal or secret, you should first install the program to the targeted user of the mobile phone . If you want to some other several details you can visit on this web site :

Spy Wireless Camera in Gurgaon

29 Aug

How to Select a Spy Wireless Camera for Home Security

Spy Wireless Camera with or without digital video recorder (DVR) is an integral part of a wide home/office security system. Even if you find as alonWIRELESS-DIGITAL-SURVEILLANCE-CAMERAe itself, the spy wireless camera presents itself as a serious preventive to burglar and criminals. Event its use widely for security reasons, but Spy Wireless Cameras in Gurgaon are also used for situation monitoring purposes.

Why Spy Wireless Camera?

During the last few years, Spy Wireless Cameras have become more and more popular. In the past, wired cameras have been in use in the industry. This was generally due to the high price of wired, Wired Cameras could not gain the market. But with the come of new and cheaper technologies in video processing and memory supporting, this special spy wireless camera has become much more possible to set up a low-budget spy wireless camera for home and office surveillance.

The wires are an easy target and can be attacked if visible to other. Traditional Wires can also point to the recording device, which may become subject to attack or exploitation. These type of  issues are taken care of by the spy wireless cameras, as there are no wires requires carrying the video signal, and the video  recording device can be hidden, or even not present within the same particular areas.

Similar to wire cameras, wireless cameras can be manipulated by distorting the frequency at which the camera operates. However, it is feasible to set up a system that operates on two distinct frequencies, so that if one frequency is blocked, the other frequency keeps saving the image/video signals. Spy Wireless cameras are also easy to install and easy to install if required, as the cabling overhead is absent.

Mobile Phone Jammer in Gurgaon

24 Aug


Benefits of Mobile Phone Jammer

A Mobile Phone Jammer is an electronic device which is used to prevent signals of the mobile phone within a specific range like a few hundred meters to a few kilometers. This Mobile phone Jammer in Gurgaon is often used in place where users of the mobile phone could be disturbing someone. For example, it could be banned in cricket stadiums where viewers could place their bets on the phone which is totally illegal in many countries like India. Also there are high profile corporate meetings where the use of mobile phone is totally banned in the meeting work of the meeting.  Mobile Phone Jammers in Gurgaon are set up in specific areas so that there would be no incoming of any mobile phone and the meeting can continue peacefully.

Some other places where mobile phone jammers are set up are religious places such as churches, masjid, temple and high profile organizations where time is more important and employees are not allowed to speak while they are at work in the office or organization. They are also set up in some movie theatres, multiplex and concerts. A few years back the mobile phone jammer was used only in the defense areas. But today it is also being used in other specific area as well. Hence the mobile phone jammer is a very useful device as it works well in places where mobile phone are strictly prohibited.

There are many types of mobile phone jammers available in the market and these hammers are categorized according to their specific operational range. Some of mobile jammers are as large as a  while some others that are as small as a briefcase. If the bigger the size of the mobile phone jammer, the bigger is the range that they can cover. So a room size mobile phone jammer can today cover a some hundred meters while a briefcase sized jammers can cover just a some meters. The price of the mobile phone jammers usually varies on the size.

The Mobile phone jammer is successful in blocking both outgoing and within incoming signals. If you want to look for different types of the jammers and the price then you can follow  Here you will find all the details of the New Mobile Phone Jammer like operation range, size, price etc.

Spy Wireless Cameras in DLF Gurgaon

16 Aug

Required Components to set up a Spy Wireless Camera System

Generally we should require some main components to set up a high quality Spy Wireless Camera in DLF Gurgaon. The some important component described below.


1. Wireless Camera

We should select a wireless camera that supports CCD technology, manufactures image/video in color and provides a resolution of around 500(H)* 500(V) pixels or better. It is so important that the camera should provide night vision. This Infrared LEDs enable the camera to see in the darkness. Look for a minimum of 20 infrared LEDs and more than 10 meters night vision range.

 2. Receiver

Receiver is the very important component of the system that receives the image or video signals without wire it means wirelessly and transfer these signals in a format suitable for monitor (or TV) input. If this component system has the image or video storage facility, then the device is called Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Basically, your Digital Video Recording should support at least IGB memory. Receiver (or DVR) may have at least more than one channel. It means it is feasible to use as many wireless cameras as many channels are available.

3. Monitor

 Mostly you should be able to watch this captured images or video at home on your TV. The receiver or Digital Video Recording  connects to your TV via wires. Your TV however, does not have to be connected to the Digital Video Recording all the time. If you have a simple receiver, you can monitor the images or videos in real time only. It is feasible to find small screen supporting battery-operated monitors, most of which include the receiver Digital Video Recording unit as well. If you sure to use your computer monitor for viewing purpose, be assured that the receiver or Digital Video Recording produced signals compatible with Personnel Computers monitors.


Spy Wrist Watch Camera in Gurgaon

10 Aug

 How to Use a Spy Wrist Watch Camera

One of the newly launched products in today’s market is the Spy Wrist Watch Camera in Gurgaon. This gadget was launched for the use of private investigators or secret agents, but these products are now also used by common people for wide range of applications. This spy device has many benefits for people who want to monitor someone or something covertly. Generally, spy wrist watch camera is purchased for surveillance and monitoring purposes. It is up to the buyer to utilize the product efficiently according to his/her needs.Image

This gadget is the perfect equipment to covertly record videos and audio of people you want keep an eye on. This gadget has a built-in camera which is capable of capturing both still images and short video clips. Spy wrist watch can be worn just like your normal wrist watch as it is structured to look exactly like a regular wrist watch.

The spy wrist watch is a multipurpose device as it can show time accurately, record both audio and video. For surveillance purposes it is somewhat easier to use than a mobile phone, especially when you do not want people to know you are filming or photographing them. You do not have to follow a complicated procedure in order to operate it, you just have to simply push a small button and the camera begins recording without anyone noticing it at all.

Spy Wrist Watch Camera can also be used for recording audio which is much easier to do since you do not have to go through the trouble of getting your suspects to face the camera without their knowledge. You just have to make sure that nothing is blocking the microphone for a crystal clear audio recording.

This gadget is generally bought for its video recording feature but it also comes with audio recording and photo capturing function. There is no need to charge it frequently as it has ample battery backup and can record continuously for hours without shutting down. Spy wrist watch camera is easy to operate as it begins recording video just with a push of a button. Taking pictures is a fantastic additional feature of Spy Wrist Watch Camera. Captured videos, photos, audios can be transferred to laptop or mobile for viewing purposes. Spy Wrist Watch camera is a device which can be used or covertly recording audio, shooting videos and taking pictures without anyone suspecting on you.

Spy Audio Devices in Gurgaon

7 Aug

Some Different Types of the Audio Devices offer by Spy India

Some devices can do surprised for faded hearing. But we have latest  Spy Audio devices in Gurgaon can help clear hearing .This Spy audio technology new options to help people converse (Spying)  at a noisy restaurant, or talk quietly with a pharmacist at a crowded drugstore counter and also. Now a day latest and branded audio devices available in the market for surveillance. Some these models are wireless audio transmitter, Pane Drive Shape GSM Bag, voice changer audio devices, walky talky watches.

Wireless Audio Transmitter: 

BRANDED-WIRELESS-AUDIO-TRANSMITTERA wireless audio transmitter is basically used to carry sound between an audio device and a nearby radio receiver. This Audio Transmitter specifically follow the process of  frequency modulation, which is a unique form of sound transmission where audio strength can be altered to accommodate varying frequencies even when signals are low. A wireless audio transmitter is wirelessly connected to a separate device in order to broadcast sound through wireless headphones or other speakers.

Pen Drive Shape GSM Bag:

PEN-DRIVE-SHAPE-GSM-BUG2These audio devices like a pen-drive and have an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can be charged easily using a USB port. This is compatible with GSM SIM cards. Also, one can avail this range from us at affordable prices.  This Pen Drive Shape GSM Bag is Insert a GSM SIM card to the device and then dial the numbers after which the product will automatically start in listening mode it will stop when the phone hangs up.

Spy GSM Voice Bug:

NEW-SPY-GSM-VOICE-BUGSpy GSM Voice Bug is the newly launched spy listening device, you can listen the sound around you as long as it arrive to 60 DB, it calls you from anywhere in the world when it detects sounds around its area. Moreover, it has electric quantity inquiry and call back interval setting function, which is totally controlled by the SMS.  If the surrounding voice is more than 60db, the monitor will automatically remind you that there are people around the monitor and they are talking, you can choose to listen or call back to monitor.

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